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For decades, Rozenberg & Co. Law Firm and Notary has been accumulating extensive legal knowledge. Our experience, coupled with our high service awareness, efficiency and speed are the factors that make our office one of the leading and most highly recognized firms in the field – not only in Hadera, but throughout the country.

Our Team Works For You

Our firm puts a highly knowledgeable, experienced team at your service. All of our lawyers have extensive legal educations and many years of experience in the legal system. The team works day and night to handle each and every case quickly, efficiently and professionally in order to achieve the best results for you, no matter how complex the case.

Our firm is one of the leading firms in its field in Israel, earning recognition among both senior legal figures and the general public. Thanks to our many victories and significant legal achievements, the firm is highly regarded in both criminal law and in general.

Service That Gives You Added Value

Our office prides itself on providing impeccable professional service, while giving clients personal and empathetic care. We insist on giving everyone who comes to our office the best possible service, giving them all of our attention and answering any questions that arise in the most comprehensive way possible. We present the client with the entire picture, and build a personally tailored strategy for each case in order to bring the best possible results.
You are not alone. Our team is always at your service and will be happy to represent you and accompany you professionally along the way. For a free initial consultation: 072-3268457.